Ingrid Front CoverYA Fiction – Fantasy
The village of Scot is on the brink of change, and its people are in need of hope, but hearts must first change, and difficult sacrifices must be made. Ingrid Harrison is sixteen years old and completely mute. Her silence has become a barrier to happiness. But will the silence she’s always resented be the voice that changes everything?

Ingrid is a character driven juvenile fiction, especially tailored to illustrate courage, sacrifice and the power of forgiveness. The backdrop is a charming village setting mixed with a bit of the supernatural. The characters are complex and likable. The story goes places the reader doesn’t expect and the inspiration is lasting.


Lyn­nette Kraft is a cre­ative writer and uses storytelling to com­mu­ni­cate the value of hope, the beauty of restora­tion and the power of self­less love. She has pub­lished non-fiction works (In Faith­ful­ness, He Afflicted Me, 2008 and He Heard Han­nah, Com­fort Pub­lish­ing 2012) and enjoys the imag­i­na­tive free­dom and excit­ing chal­lenges of writ­ing fic­tion. Lyn­nette is pas­sion­ate about serv­ing God and spend­ing time with her fam­ily, and finds nature to be pro­foundly inspir­ing.

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