Abi­gail waited until the story and music were com­plete before she began to draw. She wanted the “full inspiration”.

We think you’ll fall in love with the charm of Abigail’s illus­tra­tions. They cap­ture the mood and the set­ting so well and add an ele­ment of sheer delight to the story!

Abi­gail also cre­ated art for Ingrid’s cover as well as the CD.


Abi­gail Kraft is a visual artist and designer who chases whimsy to cap­ture beauty.  Her art­work, veer­ing organ­i­cally from the status-quo, can be described as imag­i­na­tive, joy­ous and dis­arm­ingly inti­mate. Abi­gail loves spend­ing time with her fam­ily, and gives glory to her cre­ator for the gift of eyes that see the world just a lit­tle bit differently.

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